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Posts published in “Psychiatric”

The Neural Basis of Empathy

The Neural Basis of Empathy via Knowing Neurons (and check out some of their other easy-to-digest articles for students while you’re there!): Source: macmillan psych community

Bonobos May Help Explain the Evolution of Human Kindness

Unlike chimps, who are aggressive and competitive, bonobos excel at cooperation and community. Some scientists think that these differences can tell us a lot about our own evolution of empathy and kindness. Source: macmillan psych community

Cognitive dissonance example from "Murder Among the Mormons"

In the 2021 Netflix three-episode documentary, Murder Among the Mormons, we learn about the exploits of forger and murderer Mark Hofmann. Hofmann had a lot people snookered; people believed that the documents about the origin of the Church of Latter…

Sugar Linked To Anxiety Disorders

We know that sugar doesn’t make kids hyper, but can it make us anxious? This study found a link between sugary, processed foods and anxiety disorders, but remember that correlation does not equal causation! Source: macmillan psych community

The Psychology of Psychopathy

Fascinated by serial killers? Check out this article on the research looking at brain differences in psychopathy Source: macmillan psych community

Unhappiness and TV watching: Correlations, experiments, and ethics

After covering correlations and experiments, share the February 17, 2021 edition of the PC and Pixel comic strip with your students. In the first panel, one of the characters reads a research finding: “It’s reported here that unhappy people watch…

Drug overdose deaths data update

In 2017, I wrote a blog post about an activity designed to help students see how the number of drug overdose deaths have changed since 1968 using this interactive article from the New York Times. Carolyn Brown Kramer, via the…

Virtual Body Swapping?

This is a whole new level of walking in someone else’s shoes! Virtual Body Swapping With Friend Can Alter Your Sense of Self Source: macmillan psych community

How Children's Amazing Brains Shaped Humanity

Have a few minutes? Listen to this APA podcast episode discussing why human infants have such long periods of growth and what this means for the development of our society! Source: macmillan psych community

Privacy and Technology

Can privacy coexist with technology that reads and changes brain activity? Source: macmillan psych community

Reading research articles: An assignment

At some point in college or grad school, I was given a short article that explained the different sections of a typical psychology journal article. I have a vague memory of being told to always read the abstract first, but…