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Posts published in October 2020

The inherent challenge of teaching Intro Psych

The perennial question for any introductory course is about what to cover. Is it better to teach more stuff superficially? Or is it better teach less stuff deeply? This is the classic breadth vs. depth dilemma. I don’t think anyone…

Selfie-taking dog: Classical or operant conditioning?

I read my share of blogs and news stories. Concepts we cover in Intro Psych appear with some frequency out there in the land of popular culture. Freudian terms—**bleep** retentive, oral fixation—seem to be less commonly used than they used…

To conform or not to conform. That is the question.

Mask-wearing (or not) continues to be a social psychological goldmine. In this case, let’s take a look at conformity. The social pressure to wear or not wear a mask is pervasive. If you are not wearing a mask but are…

Video » NIMH Experts Discuss Suicide Prevention Strategies

In recognition of National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, NIMH conducted a livestream event on September 23, 2020, to discuss the latest in suicide prevention research, including ways to identify risk, and effective prevention strategies. Source: NIH