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Posts published in September 2021

Covid-19 social distancing as a social dilemma

While the prisoner’s dilemma and the tragedy of the commons are our Intro Psych go-to social dilemmas, Covid-19 has us all mixing in a soup of social dilemmas. Stewing, even. At root, social dilemmas are about weighing our own self-interest…

Poor People Perceived As Less Sensitive To Pain

Poor people are perceived as being less sensitive to pain. Why? Great discussion for stereotyping and prejudice: Source: macmillan psych community

NIMH Livestream Event on Suicide Prevention During COVID: A Continuing Priority

During National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, NIMH will host a livestream event on September 22, 2021, to discuss suicide prevention during the pandemic, focusing on unemployment, youth, and other population subgroups who may be experiencing elevated risk. Source: NIH

#Renaming Revolution: The Motherhood and Fertility Glossary

In many areas, people are giving serious consideration to how the language we use influences how we see ourselves and how we see others. As a bit of background, Peanut—a social networking site for mothers and those hoping to become…

Five Animals That Can Sense Things You Can't

What a great discussion-starter for Sensation & Perception. What if we had these abilities too? Five Animals That Can Sense Things You Can’t Source: macmillan psych community

Consequences of Light

What are the consequences of being surrounded by light 24/7? Check out this new @scifri video to find out! Source: macmillan psych community