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Posts published in August 2021

Intentional acts of kindness

Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation is promoting intentional acts of kindness this September (#BeKind21) with a goal toward better mental health for everyone. Every day, from September 1 to September 21, let’s engage in purposeful acts of kindness to…

Severe Irritability

NIMH is researching why some children have extreme irritability in response to reasonable requests and life events. Source: NIH

5-Minute History of Psychology Lesson

Interested in the history of psychology? Check out this series of 5-minute history videos! Today’s video features James McConnell, who found a chemical basis for memory by studying worms. Source: macmillan psych community

Rejuvenating vasectomies

I have used some of my free time this summer learning more about some areas where, well, I could learn more. Hormones would be one of those areas. To give me some current information and a bit of historical background,…

People who speak more are more likely to be considered leaders

“US scientists found that quantity, rather than quality, of speaking determined who was perceived as a leader in small groups…regardless of the intelligence or personality traits of members within the group” Source: macmillan psych community

Navigating a Neuroscience Career for Scientists of Color

On August 5, 2021, NIMH will host a webinar on navigating a neuroscience career for scientists of color with a rising star in neuroscience, Dr. Damien Fair. Dr. Fair is currently a founding co-director of the Masonic Institute for the…

Albert Bandura, 1925-2021

We’re deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Albert Bandura, one of the most honored and influential psychologists and researchers of his time, and a beloved Macmillan author. Our thoughts are with his family, friends, and colleagues.   Bandura was a…