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Best of Our Blogs: September 29, 2017

There are devastating things happening in the world today.

Can we find paths to peace when everything feels like it’s falling apart?

When I was a kid, I thought money was evil. It did crazy things to people-made them jealous, angry and do unethical things. All I wanted was to save the world. As an adult, I realized I can’t save anyone unless I first take care of myself.

The same goes for the state of the world today. In order to have the energy, compassion and passion to extend outwards, we need to make sure we’re seeking support and restoration for ourselves.

This week, I hope you find time to read our articles. It’ll provide help if you’re being manipulated or alienated by others. And the next time you feel stuck or anxious, you might want to try doodling. One of our posts explains the benefits below.

9 Signs You Are Being Emotionally Controlled & How To Stop It
(Caregivers, Family & Friends) – What does an unpredictable friend, an emoticon enthusiast, and aggressive social media follower have in common? They may all be trying to control you.

Parental Alienation-Perhaps a Step-Mom, But Never a Mom
(Full Heart, Empty Arms) – It’s a surprising thing that comes with step-motherhood you didn’t expect.

A Narcissist’s Hidden Shame
(The Exhausted Woman) – Is their such thing as a happy ending for those with narcissistic personality disorder? Read this couple’s story to see what’s possible for someone with NPD.

7 Benefits of Doodling You Might Not Know
(Reaching Life Goals) – If you find yourself doodling during a meeting, save your guilt. It may help solve your next work problem.

Can You Be Friends With A Sociopath?
(Tales of Manic Depression) – Here’s what happens when you go from friends to romantic relationship with a sociopath.

Source: psychcenteral