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Best of Our Blogs: September 8, 2017

Hi there. I’m just returning from a two week trip that I dreamed about for months. Only the actual vacation ended up being a total nightmare.

Traveling with two little kids is not easy. Traveling with two little kids and being sick is the pits. Just when my eldest was starting to recover, my little one and I both got slammed with it as well.

My husband and I were pretty upset, but I realized that I could use this challenging time as an opportunity. Was this not just like all the difficult things in life? Yes it meant we couldn’t do all the fun things we planned. But we were here as a family, we were going to pull through and teach our kids that good things come even when things don’t go as planned.

I know this is only a trip. You may be grappling with bigger fish. Maybe you’re waiting for a diagnosis, your relationship is on the rocks or your working on yourself. Reading our posts this week helped me. I know it’ll help you too.

5 Beliefs People with Adverse Upbringing Have about Themselves
(Psychology of Self) – The reason why you can’t do anything for yourself, but take care of everyone else has to do with this.

The Biggest Relationship Deal-Breaker
(Building Relationship Skills) – There’s one thing that can make or break your relationship. Find out what’s a true deal-breaker and what you can do to repair it if yours is damaged.

75 Things You Can Control
(Weightless) – When life throws you lemons, you may feel powerless to change things. But this is a reminder that there are many (75!) things you have control over even when you feel out of control.

These 5 Self-Care Practices Can Save Your Life After Emotional Abuse
(Recovering from a Narcissist) – You’ve ended your relationship, but there are still challenging roads ahead. Here’s what you need to know to heal.

The Impact of Silencing Your Voice
(Relationships in Balance) – It may feel easier and even safer to do so, but here’s why quieting your inner voice does more harm than good.

Source: psychcenteral