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Human Altruism

Humans are supposedly the most altruistic animals, but why? The answer is likely in our genes. Source: macmillan psych community

The cognitive dissoance of QAnon followers

In the aftermath of the US presidential inauguration, I’ve been reading about QAnon with much interest. From the New York Times: Followers of QAnon, the pro-Trump conspiracy theory, have spent weeks anticipating that Wednesday [1/20/21, inauguration day] would be the…

Pandemic Fatigue Ruining Your Motivation?

Is pandemic fatigue affecting your motivation as we face the start of a new semester? Learn why and read advice here: Source: macmillan psych community

Using Psychology Principles to Keep Those New Years Resolutions Going!

We are two weeks into the new year! Are your resolutions feeling a little…flat? Here’s how to keep them going, psychology style! New podcast from APA: Source: macmillan psych community

Can Money Buy MORE Happiness?

It used to be that money only made us happier up to a certain point. New research shows that this relationship is changing and getting stronger over time. Why is this happening? Source: macmillan psych community

Learning how to learn assignment

Learning how to learn assignment My father used to get so frustrated with one of my brothers. My father would say, with great exasperation, “I talk to you until I’m blue in the face…” Even though my father’s “talk” was—apparently—not…

Check cashing stores, convenience stores, banks: Schemas at work

I haven’t given much thought to how check cashing stores and payday lending stores are designed, probably because I have not had occasion to go in one. I’m reading the book The 99% Invisible City, a collection of essays based…

Persuasion and the COVID-19 vaccine

With COVID-19 vaccines being rolled out, discussion is now happening about how to convince the general public to get the vaccine once it’s available. As of mid-November, 2020, a Gallup poll found that “58% of Americans say they would get…

Covid-19 and a loss of smell: Discussion topic

In a recent New York Times article(Katz, 2020), the author, Suzy Katz (2020), reflects on how the loss of the sense of smell courtesy of Covid-19 has affected her experience of the world. Most people who have a positive test…

Observational learning: Some new examples

Observational learning: Some new examples Observational learning may be psychology’s easiest concept for students to understand, although students may not appreciate the range of areas where observational learning takes place. Here are some examples to help your students see the…

Who should get a deadline extension?

I hadn’t been teaching very long when I had decided that I didn’t want to be in the business of identifying good student excuses from poor student excuses for the purpose of determining who should—and who should not—get a deadline…