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Virtual Reality for Reducing Pain

Falling Through the Cracks in Pain Management Pain and Opioids Chronic pain is debilitating, and it can cause patients to “fall through the cracks”. Health care institutions struggle to find ways to create “nets” and catch these patients. Pain medications…

Have You Been Phubbed? Do You Phub?

Some years ago an NBC Television producer invited me, while in New York City, to meet in her office to brainstorm possible psychology-related segments. But a focused conversation proved difficult, because every three minutes or so she would turn away…

The Powers and Perils of Intuition

“The heart has its reasons which reason does not know.” ~Pascal, Pensees, 1670   “He that trusteth in his own heart is a fool.” ~Proverbs 28:26   “Buried deep within each and every one of us, there is an instinctive,…

Blog Post » Mental Health Research—Diversity Matters

In recognition of National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, Dr. Gordon highlights efforts within the NIMH research portfolio to address disparities in mental health and access to care. Source: NIH