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Podcast: How Has Mental Health Advocacy Changed?

In this episode of the Psych Central Show, hosts Gabe Howard and Vincent M. Wales welcome Andy Behrman, veteran mental health speaker, writer, and advocate who is the author of Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania. Andy shares his views on how mental health advocacy has changed over the past fifteen years and the ways in which our views of stigma have evolved. He also shares the story of his interview with noted actor and bipolar advocate Stephen Fry, his ideas on how to help fund advocacy groups, and his experiences with electroconvulsive therapy and memory loss. And, yes, he tells us how he got the nickname of “Electroboy.” 

Mental Health Advocacy Show Highlights:

When Electroboy was published…there were very few memoirs about mental health.” ~ Andy Behrman 

[1:48]  How has mental health advocacy changed? 

[3:15]  Is mental illness less stigmatized now? 

[9:10]  Electroboy talks about ECT and memory loss. 

[11:22] Andy Behrman’s Stephen Fry experience. 

[13:39] Andy shares his plans to help fund smaller advocacy groups. 


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About Our Guest

Andy Behrman is the author of Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania, published by Random House in 2002. Electroboy is the chronicle of Andy’s battle with bipolar disorder. Andy is a mental health writer, advocate and speaker who has traveled across the country for more than fifteen years sharing his experiences with bipolar disorder, suicide prevention and wellness and recovery.
Follow Andy on Twitter @electroboyusa 

About The Psych Central Show Podcast Hosts


Gabe Howard is an award-winning writer and speaker who lives with bipolar and anxiety disorders. In addition to hosting The Psych Central Show, Gabe is an associate editor for He also runs an online Facebook community, The Positive Depression/Bipolar Happy Place, and invites you to join.  To work with Gabe, please visit his website,



Vincent M. Wales
 is a former suicide prevention counselor who lives with persistent depressive disorder. In addition to co-hosting The Psych Central Show, Vincent is the author of several award-winning novels and the creator of costumed hero Dynamistress. Visit his websites at and



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