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Podcast: What’s the REAL Link Between Anger and Violence?

In this episode of the Psych Central Show, hosts Gabe Howard and Vincent M. Wales discuss mental illness and violence. More specifically, they address the real culprit behind the vast majority of violence: anger. Their discussion dispels the myth that anger is an unhealthy emotion, teaches ways to express anger in a healthy fashion, and addresses the widely held belief that most mentally ill people are violent (and why people hold this belief). The discussion also covers the real factor in predicting whether someone might become violent and ends with suggestions on ways anyone can learn how to get control of anger in their lives.

Anger and Violence Show Highlights:

“It’s not just the mentally ill who need to learn how to control their anger; it’s everybody.” ~ Vincent M. Wales

[1:58]               Is it okay to get angry?

[2:38]               How can we express anger in a healthy way?

[3:57]               Anger and the mentally ill.

[10:23]             Why are the mentally ill responsible for so much violence?

[12:52]             What is the real predictor of violent behavior?

[14:39]             Why do we associate violence with mental illness?

[17:50]             How can someone take control of their anger issues?


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About The Psych Central Show Podcast Hosts


Gabe Howard is an award-winning writer and speaker who lives with bipolar and anxiety disorders. In addition to hosting The Psych Central Show, Gabe is an associate editor for He also runs an online Facebook community, The Positive Depression/Bipolar Happy Place, and invites you to join.  To work with Gabe, please visit his website,



Vincent M. Wales
 is a former suicide prevention counselor who lives with persistent depressive disorder. In addition to co-hosting The Psych Central Show, Vincent is the author of several award-winning novels and the creator of costumed hero Dynamistress. Visit his websites at and



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