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Psychology Around the Net: September 16, 2017

Hoping each of you is having the most amazing weekend — or, at least have plans for one!

I also hope you enjoy these mental health stories for this week. From news about NASA bringing six people out of an eight-month isolation (what?!) to finding out which personality traits you share with the world’s richest people, how could you not?

NASA Space Psychology Subjects Ending 8 Months of Isolation: On Sunday, six NASA research participants will re-enter civilization after spending eight months isolated on a large plain below the summit of the world’s largest active volcano in Hawaii — an area chosen for the Mars-like qualities it provided. Researchers will study the psychological affects of participating in a mission that long and help NASA choose crew members who have traits that will given them a better chance to do well during an expedition to Mars that could last up to three years.

Psychiatric Disorders in Pregnancy Pose No Risk to Children: New research suggests that mental health issues such as panic and anxiety disorders (with or without major depressive episodes) isn’t associated with maternal- or neonatal-related complications; BUT, researchers did find a link between treatment and negative outcomes.

Why I’ve Finally Ditched the Pill to Prioritise My Mental Health: One’s woman’s story about how her journey to find the right birth control pill for her went from experiencing various physical health side effects (common, and we’re warned about them beforehand) to experiencing mental health side effects (something we don’t tend to expect). When she started experiencing the mental health side effects, she didn’t pay much attention to them until she ran into a study that found the numbers of women who experience depression while on the Pill is fairly high.

Julien Baker’s ‘Appointments’ Video Is a Poignant Depiction of Mental Illness: While Julien Baker goes on about her day completing everyday tasks like filling her car with gas, dancers dressed in grey flit and frolic around her. What are they doing? What do they want? Take a look at her new music video and see how it strikes you.

Column: Happiness, Not Endless Sacrifice, Drives Success at Work: Dr. Annie McKee, author and Senior Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, says it’s “unacceptable” that consistent surveys show more and more people feel neutral and disengaged regarding their jobs and poses the question: “How, then, can we move from discontent to happiness on the job?”

Which of These 7 Personality Traits Do You Share with the World’s Richest People? Let’s wrap this up with a little fun! Research shows that most wealthy people share “a core set of personality traits” that have probably been helpful to their successes. Take this quick quiz to see which personality traits you share with some of the world’s billionaires.

Source: psychcenteral