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Psychology Around the Net: September 2, 2017

Happy Saturday, sweet readers!

If you’re here in America, I hope you’re taking advantage of the three-day holiday weekend — unless, of course, you or a loved one has been hit by tragedy Hurricane Harvey has caused. I’ve seen so many donation requests over the past few days — everything from money to basic items you wouldn’t even think of (at least I didn’t) like diapers — and it makes me proud to know that even in this country’s turbulent times, we’re still here for each other.

Still, no amount of donations can help the psychological impact such devastation causes some people and Dr. Asim Shah of the Baylor College of Medicine points out the warning signs victims aren’t coping well and suggests when and how to address them.

Now, let’s take a minute to catch up on the latest mental health news.

How Princess Diana Changed Lives by Discussing Her Mental Health: This week marked the 20th anniversary of the death of the People’s Princess, and while many of us know all about how hard she worked to help others with various charities related to HIV and AIDS, working with a fund to helpe prisoners’ families who are stigmatized by their family members’ crimes, palliative care, and more. However, we might not realize her candid interviews about her struggles with eating disorders, self-injury, and feelings of worthlessness might have helped thousands or more people seek help because Diana shared her stories.

Can 10 Minutes of Meditation Make You More Creative? Simple answer? Yes. Here are 10 ways to use 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation to get your mojo back when you’re in a rut.

Logic’s Performance at 2017 MTV Video Music Awards Spikes Calls to Suicide Prevention Hotline: Back in April, Logic released a new song called “1-800-273-8255.” For those of you who don’t know, that’s the number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and has received rave reviews. After his performance at the 2017 MTV Music Awards, the Lifeline saw a 50% increase in calls and the Lifeline’s director, John Draper, praises the song not only because it encourages people who need help to call but also because it helps increase awareness.

Are Women More Emotionally Expressive Than Men? Even though women do tend to smile more than men and sometimes exaggerate facial expressions for positive emotions, you might be surprised by what this new research suggests.

Should You Have to Take a Psychology Test Before You Invest or Take Out a Loan? New research suggests financial institutions and advisers should require potential clients to take a psychology test before they can take out a loan, sign up for a pension, or even invest. According to the study, “financial behaviour is about more than just financial education and understanding of risk and reward”; it also can be affected by certain traits and behaviors like impulsiveness, optimism, and goal-oriented behavior.

What I Wish I Could Tell My Boss: ‘Telling You About My Mental Health Was a Big Mistake’: As part of a series that publishes anonymous letters employees (or, former employees) write about their bosses, this man explains why he regrets telling his boss about his mental health issues and why he suspects his mental health was the real reason he was let go.

Source: psychcenteral