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Psychology Around the Net: September 23, 2017

Don’t let the picture fool you! If you’re dealing with depression, you might want to cut back on counting sheep and take a look at what sleep deprivation can do to help your moods (says some research).

Also, keep going for a look at how psychology training might benefit entrepreneurs more than business training, why getting angry every now and then is a good thing, the psychology behind paying so much money for an iPhone (or any product you don’t expect to cost that much), and more.

Sleep Deprivation Might Be the Antidote for Depression: Well, this is…anything but snooze worthy. According to an analysis of 66 English-language studies on sleep deprivation conducted between 1974 to 2016, all forms of sleep deprivation ranging from partial (20 to 21 hours with no sleep) to total (up to 36 hours with no sleep), sleep deprivation has acted as an antidepressant for patients of various demographics. What’s more, the possible link between sleep deprivation and better moods apparently is nothing new. Around 200 years ago a German psychiatrist named Johann Christian August Heinroth beat us to the punch.

The Psychology Behind the New iPhone’s Four-Digit Price: You might be surprised to find a connection between the new iPhone’s $999+ price tag and the first band to sell concert tickets priced over $100. (HINT: For that much money, you expect excellence, right?)

The Idea You Can’t Be Productive After Work Is a Lie: Researchers from Toronto University used the results of a “self-control study” involving 16,000 psychology students to determine that even though we tend to lose motivation when a specific task becomes particularly ongoing, self-control itself isn’t a resource that can be exhausted. Says lead researcher David Randles, “While people get tired doing one specific task over a period of time, we found no evidence that [the participants] had less motivation or ability to complete tasks throughout the day.”

Psychology Beats Business Training When It Comes to Entrepreneurship: After a two-and-a-half-year experiment involving small businesses in West Africa (specifically, Togo, a small country chosen so the researchers could conduct a more randomized controlled trial), scientists found that members in the group that received lessons inspired by psychological research began outperforming members in the group that received conventional business training.

How Being Angry Can (Sometimes) Be Good for You: You’ve probably been taught that anger is bad for you. Well, holding onto it is, sure. However, according to various researchers, a dose of anger every now and then can actually play an important role in communication, relationships, rational thinking, building strength and assertiveness, and creativity.

Review: Mental Illness Treated Sympathetically in Romantic Drama ‘Elizabeth Blue’: Katie Walsh gives us a review of the movie Elizabeth Blue, the story of a woman with schizophrenia who begins crumbling under the stress of her relationship, wedding planning, and attempts to get better — all immediately after she’s released from an involuntary stay at a mental health ward.

Source: psychcenteral