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Why Southwest Behavioral and Health Services staff love their job

At Southwest Behavioral and Health Services in Phoenix, AZ, sharing the love is a team pursuit. The nonprofit submitted a group photo and asked employees from across the organization to share why they love their jobs. Their submission was the selected pick of the week during our “I Love My Job” campaign in February that highlights the positive aspects of work.
We want to know why you love your job. Send us your “I love my job” story or submission through the end of February. Our selected submission each week — like the one from Southwest Behavioral and Health Services — will receive a sweet treat and care package to share with coworkers.
Send us your “I love my job” story or submission
Here is why staff at SB&H love their job:
Southwest Behavioral & Health Services (SB&H) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Phoenix, AZ, offering integrated behavioral and health services throughout Arizona. Our wellness Program for 2017 is focused on not only topics of physical health, but also subjects such as work-life balance, mindfulness and appreciation. Our first quarter theme is “Power of Appreciation” as a wellness component, and to that end, we have launched an internal campaign for different programs to submit to us why they love their job and/or team to be entered into a drawing to win a smoothie party.
I love my job because of my company, peers, and superiors. All are family-oriented, strength-based, and understanding of personal circumstances. In the end, I do not feel like a number and really feel like a valued individual at my work. The nature of my job also makes me love my job. I help people get hired and sites staffed, the joy I get to experience makes me love my job in itself.
I love my job for the opportunities for growth in my career and as a person.
I love my job because my co-workers are very helpful, patient, understanding, and they are VERY FRIENDLY!
I’m grateful for the opportunity to work for SB&H and I also have a wonderful supervisor who is extremely knowledgeable and I’ve learned a lot from her and I am looking forward to continued growth in my position.
It offers so much variety….no two days are alike and I never know what challenge might come my way.
I love working with employees throughout the organization!
I love my job because I meet with different people every day. I feel fulfilled each time when I hire an applicant.
I love my job because it allows me to help others grow their careers and discover their passions.
I love the variety of my job. Every day is different and I get to interact with such a diverse group of people. It means I am always learning.
You learn something new every day.
Great opportunity to pursue my professional career and my supervisor is a great person to learn from, plus everyone in HR is very nice.
Why I love my job? Well, this is the first job I’ve held for more than 4 years, because I found a job that I enjoy doing and like coming in every day. Being here 7 ½ years I enjoy what I do and have learned a lot in the records department, I push myself to meet my goals and also challenge myself on new tasks when given. SB&H is a friendly agency and I have made friendly friends. A big shout out to all my co-workers and supervisor for all your experienced help at getting me where I am now. I will continue my challenges and goals until I retire from SB&H.
I enjoy the people and the diversity. I have been provided with many opportunities for career growth and continue to have these opportunities.
SB&H prides itself in living the company’s Mission – to the benefit of both the communities we serve and our valued staff. Internally, opportunities abound for growth and advancement for all staff members.
I love my job because I work with people who are supportive, caring, have a great sense
of humor, positive outlooks and have a “can do” spirit!
I love the opportunity to learn and grow on a daily basis.
I love my job because it is a tool that allows me to provide for my son.
I love my job because I feel I’m behind the scenes making a difference in people’s lives.
I love that I have creativity and diversity in my job because I have difficulty when I must do the same thing every day. I also value collaboration and have the opportunity to meet and organize events and plans with internal and external staff/agencies.
I love being a trainer because I get to meet all of the new hires and also see current staff that need renewal trainings because I can reconnect with them and talk about how much they have experienced and grown in their position or a new position. I love to educate people and also help individuals find different trainings and connect them to other resources to help them do their job.
One of the best things about training is also learning from staff. Our staff are very bright, compassionate and love to share their experiences. Training is not only teaching staff different things to help them do their jobs but I also learn from staff and I share their experiences in my future trainings.
I love my job because I am able to teach others as well as learn new things on a daily basis.
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