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Making the world a better place: Why Nina loves her job

Every February, we host “I Love My Job” to highlight the positive aspects of work. We’re receiving submissions from people who are telling us the reasons they love their job.
We’re featuring the best submissions each week here, on Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages. The person or team who provides our favorite entry for the week receives some special treats to share with his or her co-workers.
Send us your “I love my job” story or submission
Here is our favorite submission from last week, sent in by Nina Esaki, assistant professor of social work at Springfield College
Here is why Nina loves her job:
“I LOVE my job because it is centered around love for others. I am an assistant professor at the Springfield College School of Social Work in Springfield, MA. I am surrounded by professors and school administrators who are passionate about making the world a better place.
We each have our own unique areas of interest, personalities and backgrounds that create a beautiful tapestry from which students, the community, and we all benefit. Reciprocally, we have and continue to forge deep and authentic relationships with our students and community partners, so that we learn from them, and work toward fulfilling our goals of making the world a better place, especially for those who are often overlooked by others, and have a great time doing so! I believe our love for our work, grounded on our commitment to demonstrating kind and ethical behavior, allows us to create a safe and supportive community that benefits us all–both professionally and personally.
After years in the business sector having had to plan for and implement downsizing efforts, I switched into the field of social work almost 20 years ago to be “part of the solution,” and could not have imagined how happy I would be now. Additionally, my colleagues support my need for balance in my life by respecting my weekly commute down to NY to be with my husband, family and close friends. And, lastly, my field of research interest happens to be organizational health, so I am fortunate to be working in a laboratory that proves that, yes indeed, it is possible to create a healthy organization!”
Thanks, Nina, for your submission. Look for a delivery soon of special treats as our appreciation for helping to spread the love.
What do you love about your job? Making a difference, working with fantastic colleagues, feeling proud of the organization you work for, having great benefits, something else? Tell us in writing or send us a photo or video.<help us=”” spread=”” the=”” love=”” and=”” you=”” might=”” even=”” be=”” next=”” person=”” featured!=””
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