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Blog Post » Excellent Science

NIMH leadership has defined a set of principles to help compare the quality of research proposals across the full breadth of the Institute’s portfolio; Dr. Gordon explains how these principles can help ensure that NIMH prioritizes excellent science while assuring…

Concept Clearance » Early Screening for Autism Spectrum

The primary goal of this initiative is to encourage research that would develop and validate new screening methods for autism spectrum disorders (ASD) that can be used in infancy (0-12 months of age). Source: NIH

Do Guns Protect Us?

Over lunch recently, a friend told about taking a firearm course, which enabled her to carry a concealed pistol and thus, she presumed, to live at less risk of harm.   Isn’t it obvious: If more of us have guns,…

Science News » Memory Gene Goes Viral

A gene crucial for learning can send its genetic material from one neuron to another by employing a strategy commonly used by viruses. Source: NIH