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Best of Our Blogs: August 17, 2018

Worry, fear and even anxiety have been circling in and out of my life for so long, it became a part of me. I thought everyone walked around with worst case scenarios replaying in their head.

The greatest things that helped me, which you’ll also read in our top posts this week are spending more moments in focused presence and calm so my days are not just constant pop-ups of anxiety-provoking news or upsetting updates.

Living without urgency is one way to send the message that everything is okay. But I’ve also learned to be kind to myself. This means that instead of avoiding negative emotions or berating myself for having them, I approach feelings of worry with curiosity, patience and love.

This is the theme of this week, which is to find ways to work with the struggles you have. Whether it’s watching a movie to give you a new perspective, try out a new communication strategy or meditate to help you stop overthinking, these posts will help you work with the obstacles and challenges that come with the life you have.

6 Surprising Predictors of Relationship Compatibility
(Change Your Mind, Change Your Life) – Why are you attracted to certain people and not others? It may have less to do with what you want, and more to do with your biology.

Narcissistic Abuse and the Movies that Counteract and Contradict It
(Narcissism Meets Normalcy) – If you’re in need of inspiring and healing movies that can give you a view into a life you could be living, add this to your must-watch list.

Childhood Trauma: How We Learn to Lie, Hide, and Be Inauthentic
(Psychology of Self) – This post reveals the things that change us from honest children to inauthentic adults.

4 Common Communication Mistakes
(Anger Management) – You think it’s helping, but you’re actually hurting the situation if you’re doing these four things.

5 Scientifically Backed Strategies That Will Help You Stop Overthinking Everything
(Success in the Workplace) – If you can’t stop worrying and analyzing a situation, try this to break the cycle of rumination and overthinking.

Source: psychcenteral