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Best of Our Blogs: June 26, 2018

What does Tovah P. Klein, PhD’s book How Toddlers Thrive have to do with mental health. Well if you’re a parent a lot. But even if you’re not, I love this statement and believe it applies to anyone.

“The key to being that good-enough parent that we all desire to be is to know yourself, to be open to change, and to be forgiving.”

You can replace the word, “parent,” with “partner,” or “person.”

Instead of striving for perfection which we all know by now is futile, we can work on being a good enough sister, friend or parent. We can stop pressuring ourselves to be illness-free. We can stop feeling guilty that we’re a burden. And we can understand that not only are we incapable of saying or doing the right thing all the time, but we can release others from that same impossible feat.

As you read this week, you’ll learn ways to be good enough from our posts on emotions, how the media may be biased towards parents, and what being raised by narcissists have to do with PTSD.

The 10 Rules Emotions Follow That Everyone Should Know
(Childhood Emotional Neglect) – You’ve been living your life without understanding these rules. This will change everything.

Narcissistic Parents And PTSD
(Psychotherapy Matters) – It’s two things you may not have linked. Here’s why growing up in a narcissistic family could have left you with PTSD.

The Strangest Bias Against Adults Who Are Not Parents
(Single at Heart) – Does not being a parent mean you also don’t have a heart? A few thoughts on the ways the media portrays people without kids.

My Little Girl Isn’t “Typical”
(Childhood Behavioral Concerns) – If you’ve ever ask, “Is this normal three-year-old behavior or something else?” you’ll relate to this post.

The Identifying Characteristics of Sex and Porn Addicts
(Sex & Intimacy in the Digital Age) – After reading this, you may recognize you or someone you know struggling with addiction.

Source: psychcenteral