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Best of Our Blogs: June 29, 2018

For many of us coping or taking care of someone with an illness, life is a constant battle. We lose track of time. We forget the seasons. We grow up and life’s struggles make us hard, inflexible and serious.

I think summer is a great time to return to the sense of lightness and joy characteristic of childhood. Joy and laughter are important tools for the healing journey.

Something as simple as walking on the beach, reading a summery book or watching the sunrise or set, can be beautiful ways to reconnect you with life.

Slip into the ease of the season with our top posts and learn everything from what’s blocking your motivation to how to cure your loneliness.

5 Things That Kill Your Motivation
(Reaching Life Goals) – Before you do the grand things in life, you’ve got to take care of these.

Victim Blaming
(The Recovery Expert) – The next time your abuser tries to reel you in, you’ll know what to do to protect yourself.

Are You a Pleaser? 7 Ways You Sabotage Yourself
(Knotted) – Here are the ways you’re getting in your own way of greater connection.

Is There A Real Remedy For Loneliness?
(Therapy Soup) – These alarming findings on loneliness may make you rethink your previous beliefs about self-fulfillment.

4 Ways to Find Peace After a Toxic Relationship
(The Savvy Shrink) – Are you healing from a recent traumatic relationship? This will help.

Source: psychcenteral