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Best of Our Blogs: December 5, 2017

I’ve been listening to Karla McLaren’s The Language of Emotions. One of the jewels from the program is discovering how each of our emotions have a purpose. Even boredom teaches us how we may be burying our emotions and using distraction to deal with it.

Anger and rage also have its place. It reveals in intensity how good of a job we’re doing at setting and maintaining our boundaries. Those of us who are perpetually angry, she says, are the humanitarians of the world. They feel all of it and need an outlet to divert their anger to action.

The next time you’re experiencing an emotion, instead of trying to stuff it or distract it away, listen. You might uncover valuable information about your relationships, childhood wounds and current state of mind.

3 Ways Emotional Neglect From Childhood Affects Your Adult Emotions
(Childhood Emotional Neglect) – It’s the unspoken message you received in childhood that still affects you as an adult.

5 Reasons Men Are So Devastatingly Lonely
(Reaching Life Goals) – What do men’s magazine ads have to do with male loneliness? It’s reflecting and possibly perpetuating beliefs that contribute to this surprising societal problem.

How to Survive a Narcissistic Mother In-Law
(The Exhausted Woman) – We talk a lot about narcissists here. But usually its the narcissistic male that makes it appearance in our posts. Here are must-read techniques for how to cope when the person you’re dealing with is your mother-in-law.

The Power of Practicing Fierce Self-Care—And How to Start
(Weightless) – The author of The Book of Calm shares what the word “fierce” has to do with self-care and why you should incorporate it into your own practice.

How I Retrain my Brain Every Day
(M(ill)ennial: A Perspective on Mental Illness) – This single exercise could change your life.

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