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Best of Our Blogs: December 8, 2017

Everything is harder when you have an illness. It feels like you’re always trying to catch up. You can barely get by during the rest of the year, which makes the holiday season especially hard.

If that wasn’t difficult enough, your illness, mental or physical, may be invisible so it doesn’t warrant the concern, attention or understanding of others. Loved ones might expect you to attain a certain level of normalcy or be the you before your illness. Acquaintances or strangers may personalize and mis-take your shortness for a bad attitude.

All of this can weigh heavy on your heart. One thing you can do to lighten the load is to develop compassion-both for yourself and others. Our posts this week will help you do that with information on wellness apps, and new ways of looking at your relationships.

10 Therapist Approved Apps for Mental Wellness
(Sorting Out Your Life) – Dealing with anxiety, fatigue and negative thinking? Looks like there’s an app for that.

Why Victims of Abuse Stay with Their Abusive, Narcissistic, or Borderline Partner and What to do About It
(The Recovery Expert) – If you’ve ever judged a victim of abuse for staying, this will completely change your perspective.

Little Lego Dolls aka Kids of Narcissists
(Narcissism Meets Normalcy) – It’s the thing you never would associate with toys and yet it perfectly represents how a narcissist parent saw you. You’ll never think of Legos the same way again.

3 Pieces of Unhelpful Advice People Give When You Struggle
(Psychology of Self) – Even people with the best intentions could be doing it wrong. If you said the following, you may have hurt not helped a loved one.

Nurturing Stepmom, Jealous Birth Mom
(Full Heart, Empty Arms) – It’s the story you won’t hear about in fairytales and other stories, but is true.

Source: psychcenteral