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Best of Our Blogs: January 9, 2017

How do we return back to business as usual now that the holidays are over?

There’s something magical that happens to us around New Year’s Eve. While we’re normally non-believers and curmudgeons the other days of the year we suddenly and miraculously believe we can have the family we’ve always wanted, be recognized at our job and find the perfect mate.

While those are all achievable dreams, we still have to contend with the fact that it’s Tuesday. We’re at work. We’re living the same as we did in 2017.

How do we keep that motivation and excitement so it doesn’t fizzle out? Read these posts to identify what’s prevented you from being successful in the past and what small steps you can do start the process of change now.

Parents, You Can Reverse Generations of Emotional Neglect By Doing 3 Small Things
(Childhood Emotional Neglect) – If you’re a WMBNT, you’re probably emotionally failing your child.

Some People Get Very Upset When They Hear Good Things About Single People
(Single at Heart) – Think single people live inferior lives? This post will change your mind.

When Your Son Suddenly Becomes Your Transgender Daughter
(Full Heart, Empty Arms) – Struggling with a loved one’s recent transition? This is for you.

Stopping the Honeymoon Phase of Narcissistic Abuse
(The Exhausted Woman) – This explains why it’s so hard to leave a narcissist, even an abusive one.

Recovering from Your Narcissistic Mother: Seeing the 6 Effects
(Knotted) – Your low self-esteem and unhappiness could be due to this.

Source: psychcenteral