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Best of Our Blogs: October 17, 2017

Did you ever walk into a room and notice you’re drawn to and repelled by certain people?

People are mirrors and we can use this knowledge to understand ourselves.

Maybe that new co-worker exhibits qualities you wish you had or an acquaintance is expressing qualities you dislike in yourself.

Maybe you need to work on being more open, genuine and vulnerable. Maybe you need to learn to accept your critical nature or relentless competitiveness.

It’s difficult to look within. It’s much easier to judge others. But if you’re ready to make positive changes in your life, you need to look deeper than your initial assessment.

You can start by reading up on your current relationships. Are you neglecting or even ruining it? How are you doing with confronting a narcissist or being calm in the midst of frustration with your child? When we can courageously search within, we’re more able to connect with the relationships, people and opportunities we’re most looking for.

The Myth of “It Takes Two to Ruin a Relationship”
(The Recovery Expert) – There are things you can and can’t do to ruin a relationship. Are you the offending party or do you need help in healing from a “lousy life partner?”

3 Signs You May Be Emotionally Neglecting Your Partner
(Childhood Emotional Neglect) – Your partner is unhappy and on the verge of giving up. Could this be the reason?

In Conflict with a Narcissist? 6 Reasons to Watch Your Back
(Knotted) – It’s the things you need to know before confronting a narcissist.

How To Stay Calm When You’re A Frustrated Parent
(Unshakeable Calm) – Feeling frustrated with your child? These six steps will help you calm down.

The Secret Lie of Narcissism
(The Exhausted Woman) – It’s kryptonite to a narcissist. Here are the five things he or she needs and would do anything to hide it.

Source: psychcenteral