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Podcast: How Do We Fix Our Broken Mental Health Care System?

Why in the world is it so difficult for so many people to get the mental health care that they need? Our mental health delivery system is a broken mess. The Well Being Trust, however, believes this can change. Their vision is of a nation that is well, in all respects. And this isn’t just a vision, but a movement. The parts of our system that are broken aren’t hidden. They’re in plain sight, waiting to be fixed. This week’s guest, Dr. Benjamin Miller, shares his views on how to fix our broken mental health care system, even at the individual level.


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National Council Show Highlights:

“Two-thirds of primary care docs indicate they don’t know how to get access to mental health services or they can’t get access to mental health services for their patients.” ~ Dr. Benjamin Miller

[0:53]   What is the Well Being Trust, anyway?

[4:58]   Why is it so hard for people to get mental health care?

[15:03] How do we fix our broken mental health care system?

[19:51] What can one person do to bring change to the system?



About Our Guest

Dr. Benjamin Miller is Chief Strategy Officer for the Well Being Trust. A self-proclaimed “fragmentation fighter,” Ben has worked to redefine the national policy landscape for mental health and health care. He’s written and published on enhancing the evidentiary support for integrated care models, increasing the training and education of mental health providers in medical settings, and the need to address specific health policy and payment barriers for successful integration. Ben is a technical expert panelist for CMS on Quality Measure Development for Medicaid Beneficiaries, as well as for the Medicaid Innovation Accelerator Program.


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