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Podcast: The Sit With Us App: Curbing School Bullying

After years of being bullied in school and having to eat alone – often not even in the cafeteria – Natalie Hampton decided to something to help others in similar situations. She created the Sit With Us anti-bullying app, which allows a user to locate a table in their school’s cafeteria where they will be welcome, so that no one needs to eat alone. In this episode, Natalie explains how the app came to exist, and how it’s being used by more than just schools. Additionally, she offers her views on why bullying is so prevalent in some schools.  Hosted by Gabe Howard and Vincent M. Wales.


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Sit With Us Show Highlights:

All it takes is one person to change the world. And, starting now, that’s you.” ~ Natalie Hampton

[1:33]   What is Sit With Us and what does it do?

[4:13]   The unexpected success of the app, and how it happened.

[5:49]   How being bullied led Natalie to create the app.

[7:06]   Natalie’s other anti-bullying activities.

[7:53]   Why is bullying so prevalent in some schools?

[12:38] Natalie’s TEDx Teen talk.

[15:45] How someone becomes a bully, and how to stop it.


About Our Guest

Natalie Hampton is a Los Angeles high school senior, anti-bullying activist, app developer, and the CEO of a non-profit called Sit With Us, Inc. Severely bullied in middle school, Natalie was forced to eat lunch alone nearly every day. After she switched schools, and quickly fell in with a great friend group, she would invite anyone who was eating alone to join her. Those people became her friends, friends with everyone in the group, and were invited to social gatherings. She saw that one simple act of kindness made a big difference in their lives. This inspired her to create the Sit With Us mobile app, which serves as a free lunch planning tool for middle and high school kids so that no one has to eat lunch alone. In addition to creating the Sit With Us app, Natalie volunteers extensively for her community.  She is a counselor for United in Harmony, a non-profit organization that runs a sleep away camp for underprivileged and homeless kids, and she tutors underprivileged kids at the Otis Booth campus of Children’s Institute International.

All It Takes Is One TEDx Teen


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