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Free Live Webinar: Leading People to Accept the Facts

Seemingly reasonable people deny reality all the time. Indeed, a four-year study by found that 23 percent of CEOs who got fired did so because they denied reality, meaning refusing to recognize negative facts about the organization’s performance. Other findings show that professionals at all levels suffer from the tendency to deny uncomfortable facts in professional settings.

People deny reality in relationships, politics, and other areas all the time, something that scholars term the “ostrich effect.” Dealing with truth denialism — in business, politics, and other life areas — is one of the presenter’s areas of research, and the topic of his recently-published The Truth-Seeker’s Handbook: A Science-Based Guide. One of the strategies described there can be summarized under the acronym EGRIP (Emotions, Goals, Rapport, Information, Positive Reinforcement), which provides clear guidelines on how to deal with colleagues who deny the facts, and the presenter will describe EGRIP in this webinar.

Take Aways of Attending the ‘Accept Facts’ Webinar:

If someone denies obvious facts, the issue is most likely an emotional block; do not lead with facts or arguments, as they will likely not help and only hurt the situation.

Instead, use EGRIP:

  • Understand their emotions to figure out the kind of emotional block they have by using empathy, the skill of understanding other people’s emotions.
  • Determine shared goals for both of you.
  • Build rapport to establish trust.
  • Now, provide factual information that shows how truth denialism will lead to people undermining their own goals in the long term.
  • Finally provide positive reinforcement to help them build up an identity as orienting toward the facts.

Instructor Information:

Dr. Gleb Tsipursky is passionate about promoting science-based truth-seeking, decision-making, and emotional and social intelligence. He researches these topics as a professor at the Ohio State University. A civic activist, Gleb serves as the volunteer President of a nonprofit devoted to popularizing the research on these topics, Intentional Insights. Its main current focus is the Pro-Truth Pledge, a project that aims to promote truth in public discourse through combining behavioral science and crowd-sourcing. Businesses, nonprofits, and municipalities frequently hire Gleb as a consultant and speaker. He authored a number of books, most notably the Amazon bestsellers The Truth Seeker’s Handbook: A Science-Based Guide and Find Your Purpose Using Science. His work has been published in Time,  Scientific AmericanPsychology TodayThe ConversationNewsweekLaddersLead Change Groupand elsewhere. He has appeared as a guest on network TV in the US, including affiliates of Fox and ABC, and internationally, such as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and on US and international radio stations such as NPRWBAI (New York City), KGO (San Francisco), 700WLW (Cincinnati), KLRD (Dallas), AM980 (Canada).

Date: Tuesday, December 19, 2017 from 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM Eastern

This webinar is a live, 45-minute seminar with a PowerPoint presentation followed by a Q&A moderated by Gabe Howard, host of The Psych Central Show podcast. There is no charge for the webinar, but registration is required. (After the live presentation, a recording will be made available to registrants.)


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